Sustainable Tourism

Understanding the concept of "Sustainable Tourism" and taking steps to support sustainability in all tourism operations is possible thanks to our "Sustainable Tourism" Online Course.

Tourism is a sector that offers people the opportunity to discover
different geographies, try new experiences, access knowledge, enrich
human relationships, and much more. Considering such a wide scope,
it is possible to say that tourism is a giant ecosystem along with all
its stakeholders. Examining tourism closely involves touching upon many
sectors, from mobility to transportation, accommodation to events,
food and beverage to construction. This multi-stakeholder nature is
not only a part of sustainability and the circular economy but also one
of the natural chains of sustainability. To talk about the sustainability of
tourism - by including all relevant stakeholders - the impacts of the
processes on the environment, people, and the economy should be evaluated.

The concept of sustainable tourism fundamentally focuses
on the use of environmental resources, the impacts created
on the environment by tourism actions, the preservation of
cultural heritage and traditions, and the creation of systems
compatible with local communities.

On the other hand, it prioritizes making operations viable, bringing positive returns in the long term, and being economically advantageous for both employees and stakeholders. In light of this information, we have designed a functional, efficient, and smart online training to raise awareness and inform individuals and institutions about Sustainable Tourism.

This training can answer your basic questions about sustainability and guide you to increase the positive impact of your activities for the tourists on the environment, people, and the economy.

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