Aircraft noise is probably the foremost concern of local communities located close to (and even at some distance from) airports. The competent management of noise annoyance issues is key to securing future capacity for an airport.

The Pillars of
Noise Management

Good airport noise management is covered by ICAO guidance Doc 9829/AN/451 Guidance on the Balanced Approach to Noise Management. This sets out the four pillars of noise management as:

  • Reduction of noise at source
  • Land use planning and Management
  • Noise Abatement Operational Procedures
  • Operating restrictions; not applying operating restrictions as a first resort, but only after consideration of the other measures of the Balanced Approach.

Envisa has extensive experience of conducting technical noise analysis using internationally recognised and approved models and methodologies. The guidance also sets out the need for transparency, consultation, community engagement and published planning. Indeed, we have found that without adequate engagement and collaboration with stakeholders any airport can only apply a very limited noise management plan covering limited areas with the four balanced approach pillars.