ESG Reporting &

In today's world, actions towards sustainability are demonstrably impacting all aspects of life, including businesses. This paradigm shift has led companies to not only prioritize financial matters but also to implement ESG practices across their operations in 3 pillars: environment, social and governance.

Achieving commercial success requires a broader perspective - covering reputation, risk management, innovation, and contributing to a sustainable society - than just financial metrics. This transformation of perspective is not just increasing companies' performance but also favored by investors.

This is why Envisa partners with you in this new ESG landscape. We go beyond data collection and reporting. Our tailored approach curates and combines data into unique roadmaps aligned with company objectives. We guide clients through ESG processes to establish coherent policies, assess risks and opportunities, and define measurable targets.



To conduct a more in-depth performance and risk analysis of the company, the organization’s social and environmental impacts, implement clear and inclusive social policies at every level of management, support the sustainability of profitability, and strengthen investment decisions…

Materiality Assessment

To ensure correct prioritizations and the preparation of accurate filtering in the order of importance, considering sustainability and ESG targets…

ESG Consultancy

To identify upcoming ESG trends – including regulations, related markets, technological solutions – for strategic decision-making and to proactively address stakeholder needs and expectations based on identified ESG trends.