Climate Change

Climate Change

The changing climate will have implications upon the aviation sector over the medium and long term. The air transport sector is particularly vulnerable and sensitive to these risks because airline operations are highly weather dependent and because of the
magnitude and complexity of ground infrastructure and services that characterize the operation of airports.

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Change Adaption

This relationship manifests itself very clearly at airports, not just in terms of direct impacts upon their normal operations and infrastructure but also through disruption at other airports in their route network, to aircraft operations en-route and even upon surface transport access links. The changing climate can also impact upon air transport demand and therefore flight profiles if it affects the attractiveness of tourist destinations. Given the complexities and significant costs of adapting airport infrastructure and operations, the timing for such action is critical. An important pre-requisite is therefore detailed risk assessment, that takes account of the nature and magnitude of climate change, the implications for different parts of the business, the timing and certainty of forecasts.